When you take good care of your skin, you’ll age slower, have a clearer complexion, and won’t need to wear a lot of makeup to hide your skin's flaws. That’s because when your skin is healthy, you’ll have fewer breakouts, fewer fine lines and wrinkles and your skin will have a natural glow that radiates from within.

So at what age should you start taking good care of your skin? Well, the earlier you start the better. That’s because the earlier you start a regular skin care regime, the better chance you’ll have at preventing premature aging. However, the absolute latest age you should start an anti-aging skin care routine is in your mid 20s.

There’s no need to worry if you’re already in your 30s and have yet to start an anti-aging skin care regime. Many advanced skin care products are designed to turn back the clock. So, if you’ve already started to see the visible signs of aging, there is still help.

If you are already in your 30s and above, you’ll want to invest in a high-quality skin care system that is designed to keep your skin youthful in appearance. You’ll also want to make sure that you always keep you skin hydrated throughout the day. You’ll want to invest in a good moisturizer with SPF 30 or higher and apply this before you apply your makeup.

Always make sure to apply sunscreen whenever you go outside, even when it is overcast. One of the most common causes of premature aging is unprotected exposure from the harmful rays of the sun. You’ll also want to apply a serum and a nighttime moisturizer before you go to bed. This is of utmost importance because while you’re fast asleep, your skin is busy working overtime, renewing and repairing itself. Nighttime is the optimal time to apply skin care products because your skin will readily absorb it.

Always remember to wash off all of your makeup before you go to bed. Leaving your makeup on when you go to bed leads to nasty breakouts and can actually harm your skin and lead to premature aging. This is because your skin will absorb the ingredients within your makeup while you’re asleep.

Sleep on your back. Did you know that sleeping face down in your pillow can lead to the early formation of fine lines and wrinkle? Overtime those lines can make a permanent appearance on your face.

By following these helpful skin care tips you’ll age gracefully and see fewer fine lines and wrinkles. You’ll also notice a vast improvement in the appearance and the texture of your skin.