A healthy body is one that is continuously pampered with the right things. Eating nutrient-dense foods and drinking plenty of water will keep that body strong. Getting rest, moisturizing and bathing will keep it looking healthy. The same things that benefit the body will ultimately do the same for a head of hair. Diet A healthy head of hair will not exist without a balanced diet. Hair needs protein, iron and other nutrients in order to reach its full potential. Without those nutrients, weak hair will grow at a slower rate than normal. B vitamins are needed in order for the protein synthesis needed to make new hairs. Adequate amounts of these nutrients will come from leafy green vegetables.

Each person should also strive to develop a diet containing protein-rich foods such as chicken, eggs and beans. These foods will help to strengthen the hair shaft.

Iron-rich foods such as broccoli, pumpkin and lentils will help increase blood circulation for the scalp.

However, the body will not be able to utilize any nutrients without the help of Vitamin C. Citrus fruits, for example, contain the amounts of Vitamin C that will help keep the immune system in proper working order. The body will then be able to utilize nutrients from the diet to produce stronger, healthier hair.

Hair Washing and Conditioning

Aside from the diet, proper maintenance is key in having healthy hair. Choosing a good shampoo and conditioner will help to keep hair looking and feeling its best. Shampoo should always be strong enough to remove dirt. However, it should not be strong enough to strip the hair of its natural oils. Conditioner should be able to provide protection and moisture without leaving too much build-up on the hair shaft or scalp. Conditioners that are too heavy will weigh the hair down.

Hair Maintenance

A good diet and cleansing routine will do nothing for a head of hair that is not properly cared for. Hair styling should shy away from putting too much stress on the hair shaft. Blow dryers, flat irons and curling irons all put unnecessary stress on hair and may cause irreparable damage. Using these tools sparingly will reduce the chance of inflicting harm on the hair shaft.

Healthy hair can be maintained by wearing protective hairstyles. These styles tend to keep hair off of the shoulders and hide the ends of the hair shaft. This reduces the amount of friction and split ends.

However a person chooses to wear his or her hair, that hair can stay healthy with the right amount of effort in maintaining it.